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Marines render a salute to a fallen service member during a funeral service at Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, Ga., June 10, 2016.
—(USMC image by Captain Justin Jacobs)

My Son Was Deployed to a War Zone—Reflections

By Susan Kristol

When your son or daughter is in a combat zone, you do not sleep except with a telephone next to the pillow. You can't decide if you should obsessively follow the news or avoid watching the news. You break into sobs while driving down the highway. You can't listen to country music songs about Arlington Cemetery, you have unaccountable fits of anger when a well-intentioned person asks if the troops get to come home for the holidays, and you hear your child's voice on via a static-filled satellite phone line only once in eight months...

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Gold Star Families Remembrance Week

The U.S. Senate has approved a resolution authored by U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) that honors the families of fallen members of the Armed Forces by designating Sept. 23-29, 2018, as "Gold Star Families Remembrance Week."

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Battlefield Cross

The History of the Battlefield Cross

The first appearance of the “battlefield cross” is not a known fact. Some believe it may have been during the Civil War where it may have been used to signify the location of a dead soldier to be collected and buried during which time they would call a temporary truce.

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