Luminary Initiative Events

Luminary Lighting in Pennsylvania

Hosted by Teresita Reynolds

On Sunday evening, my neighbors, my family and I participated in the Gold Star Luminary Initiative. I was very excited to see over 200 Gold Star bags light up our streets.

When I went around my neighborhood, handing out the pamphlets in the weeks preceding the night, all of my neighbors were very receptive to participate. Many of them generously offered to turn on the LED votive candles within the bags. It was during my neighborhood visits, that I discovered that an elderly neighbor had a much-loved brother sacrifice his life in military service during World War II. She was thankful to know there was such an event to honor and recognize all those who lost their own loved ones during military service.

At sunset on that Sunday evening, all of my neighbors and my family exited our homes. We all walked up and down the streets, taking pictures and thinking on the sacrifice and paying our respects. On that evening, my neighbors, my family and I sent out our gratitude to all the Gold Star families who sacrificed so much, for so many.

All my neighbors agreed to continue the tradition on the last Sunday of September to light up our streets. We all wish to continue paying our respects, to honor and to offer our thanks to all Gold Star families.

I am most grateful to to bring forth the awareness of the Gold Star Luminary Initiative.