Involving Your State Capitol

Request a Proclamation

Visit to learn how to request a proclamation for Gold Star Family Day on September 25, 2022 from your State's governor. Use the drop down menu below to get suggested text for the proclamation.

Typically, a proclamation request must be sumitted by the resident of that state.

Suggested Text for Proclamation in Your State

Light Luminaries at Your State Capitol

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the luminary lighting ceremonies to honor Gold Star Family members. Large groups may be possible in some areas of the country, but not in others. Whatever the size of the gathering, the support will be felt by Gold Star Families everywhere!

Sharing photos of luminaries lit on Gold Star Family Day at every state capitol is a huge impact. It’s a beautiful way to honor and respect the families of our fallen heroes.

We would like to ask each of you to reach out to your State Capitol to get permission for you or just a handful of people in your small circle to light luminary bags at your State Capitol Building on the evening of Gold Star Family Day, September 25, 2022. Then send us your photos so we can share them with our Gold Star family members.

Email your photos to or text them to 573-476-3759.

If you cannot reach out to your State Capitol, please light your luminaries at your home or a local park; remember, keep your gathering small and share your photos to make a huge impact.

If you would like to reach out to your State Capitol, we’ve provided the text for you to send to your capitol building representative, addressed to the governor of your state. There is a place for you to indicate the number of luminaries you will be lighting for display. Be sure to read this letter in full before sending and make any necessary changes. Please assure you that you will comply with the number in attendance and use battery-powered tea lights rather than open flames to light the luminaries.

Letter Requesting Luminary Lighting at the Capitol

Visit to learn how to submit your request online for your state.

To determine the number of suggested luminaries to light for your state, please refer to this page on our Luminary Initiative website that shows the number of service members who have died in combat or combat-related incidences since 9/11 in your state: Lives Lost Post 9/11 by State.

For your event, we sell luminary bags in our online store, the Click this link to learn more. We sell them at our cost plus shipping and handling.

Let’s show the Gold Star family members around the United States that we have not forgotten our fallen heroes.